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Queen’s Health Science now On-Campus?

Hi! This year Queen’s has made their Health Science program an on-campus degree. I am interested in Health Sciences, and Queen’s seems like a good fit for me, but I’m not sure about the credibility of the program just because this is their first year of the on-campus degree. (Theoretically assuming I get in,) Should I apply? (My concerns are about the professors actually being good, the program teaching me what I want effectively..etc.) Is anyone else thinking of applying to the Queen’s Health Science program?

4 Answers

  1. New programs get created all the time by universities. This doesn't make them any less credible. Queen's is a publicly funded, standardized university. You'll take similar courses to every other science student in Canada. Whether it teaches you what you want, you'll have to read through the course descriptions and decide that for yourself. There are good and bad professors in every program. Again, it's Queen's and not Athabasca or Algoma. Health Science is a stepping stone anyways. There is virtually nothing you can do employment-wise with an undergrad in health sciences alone. Just get good grades, volunteer, and you can apply to graduate/professional programs afterwards.

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  2. You can't do anything with that degree, whether you do it online or on-campus, so who the hell cares?

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