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Queens Engineering or UBCO Engineering or UTSC CS

Hi i got accepted into all these programs listed in the title at first i thought ubc was the best option but i then started reading about the okanagon campus and how apparently the quality of education is inferior to the vancouver campus this made me rethink my other options I did my research on queens engineering program and apparently its very good and I like the campus is it good and is it one of the best in canada and i got accepted into CS in the Scarborough campus UofT but after reading about it apparently its also inferior to the saint george campus which really didnt make me confident about it please everyone share their opinion as it can really help me and guide me

1 Answer

  1. Even if you go to the satellite campuses, it won’t matter because it’s still a UBC/U of T degree. It won’t state which campus you attended and no employer will care. All three of them are great options, but it really depends on where you are because of the financial cost.

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