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Queens engineering 2019

hello I’ve been super anxious about getting accepted into queens engineering, can I get in with these marks?

English: 85%
Physics: 86%
Advanced functions: 94%
Calculus:” 96%
chemistry: 97% 

Total average: 91.6% 

I also submitted a pse with a decent amount of extra curriculars 

(thanks for the help guys!) 

3 Answers

  1. Should be fine. At the open house they said that they accept about 15% of spots with marks between 87-89% with an especially strong PSE so 91.6% with a good PSE should get you in. 
    I'm waiting to hear as well.

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  2. You should be definitely be ok. There are a lot of people in the program with a similar average. I wouldn’t hold your breath for the next few months though. Acceptance of averages in that range are usually around mid-April.

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