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Queens Coned Course Choices

can someone please post this on the queen’s university reddit? for some reason it says my post got removed from the moderators when i just posted it? please and thank you! Hi, I will be a coned student (bachelor of arts + bachelor of education). I have some questions I hope that can be answered because I do not understand how the courses work.
  • if I decide to go towards the pathway of teaching p/j, I am aware that there are no teachable required. That being said, with the required courses (link: ), what courses do coned students usually take? is it the usual art course? another question I have: can you have a “major and/or minor” while in this dual degree program? how would that work? if I choose to teach p/j, am I only restricted to taking artsci courses ( )?
  • if I decide to go towards the pathway of teaching i/s, along with the required courses (same link as above), would all the courses I take to be related to the teachables I chose? also, how hard would you say these courses are? I’m a little worried about how difficult (course-heavy) these courses may be.
note: I tried finding this info online but I wasn’t able to, and I couldn’t understand the course requirements… if any upper-year coned students can help answer my question that would be great.

3 Answers

  1. 1) If you’re pursuing an education degree, then yes, you have to declare your teachable(s). For Queen’s con-ed, you only start teacher’s college after you complete your undergrad degree you only start in your fifth year. Since con-ed only starts in year 5, it’s separate from what you’ll be taking for your BA. BA students can take anything in the social sciences/humanities and are allowed to take science courses as well but this is subject to availability as BSc students receive priority access. Yeah, you can declare a minor but it’s not required. Majors and minors are declared after the completion of first year. You would only be qualified to teach whatever your teachables are, so yes, don’t expect to be teaching high school computer science if you majored in art history.

    2) No, not all courses you take will be related to your major as there is room for electives. This is especially true for BA students who have the least rigid degree plans. Every course is different depending on what the subject material is, the instructor, your own abilities, etc. No one can tell you definitively.

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