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Queen’s Commerce vs. Laurier BBA/BSc?! – 2019 Spring

Hello everyone!   I am currently in grade 12 debating between Queen’s Commerce and Laurier’s double degree of BBA and BSc. I’ve gotten into Queen’s, Schulich, and Laurier but took Schulich out of the equation because I personally didn’t really want to go there. I understand that Queens’ business reputation is probably a lot better, but I am very intrigued by the technical skill set I will earn at Laurier through computer science, especially in today’s digital age. Also, the coop looks really good to me especially since it helps pay for tuition which is much cheaper than Queen’s Commerce tuition!! Also, after my experience at both universities as well as talking to others (my sibling goes to Queen’s and my friend goes to Laurier), I personally feel that Laurier’s multicultural environment suits me more as I’ve heard Queen’s lacks diversity. So please let me know if you have suggestions/advice for me. Anything is appreciated. Thank you!!

3 Answers

  1. Lol. You can’t be serious. Going to QC will get you jobs on Wall/Bay St., but Laurier will get you stuck in middle management for the rest of your career. You decide.

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  2. If the double degree was with Waterloo, then we have a discussion, but Laurier is average to above average for business and mediocre for computer science. You’d be a fool to forego Queen’s commerce for this program.

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