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Queen’s Commerce PSE

Hey everyone, I’m in grade 12 and I’ll be applying for Queen’s Commerce this year. I was looking through the practice PSE and I realized I don’t really have any awards. I had a 90 average in grade 11, I was in two councils, one of which I was president, I have over 150 volunteer hours, and I 2 part-time jobs (I tutor a girl with a mental disability and the other I work at a fast-food restaurant.) I feel like that’s quite a good amount of things but I don’t have any real awards or distinctions from anything I’ve done in the past. President isn’t really a distinction as I’d put it in my EC’s, no? And I haven’t gotten the highest mark in any class or done the most of any specific thing. Do you think that would be an issue? Would it put me at a disadvantage? It’s not really something I have too much control over…

3 Answers

  1. QC really cares about ECs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a bunch of participation trophies…just make sure you demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded person that doesn’t just have their nose inside a textbook 24/7.

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  2. Hi jcjcnc, volunteer hours almost don’t matter at all. It depends on what you did with those hours. To be honest, I think your biggest differentiator right now is working at the fast-food restaurant. I have about one student a year who works at McDonalds or Timmy’s and we really leverage that, because you get great customer service training. It’s also a very humbling role. Most people you’re going up against don’t have part-time jobs, and if they do it’s as a lifeguard or camp counsellor. You definitely need to round out your application. I’d suggest reading a couple of my blogs, mainly this one:

    I’d also recommend checking out my Queen’s Commerce Admissions Bootcamp. I help about 30 students per year in my course get admitted into the program using the knowledge I’ve gained over 10 years helping hundreds of students get in. You really need to master the PSE if you want any shot at Queen’s Commerce, so please invest that time. One ‘trick’ I use for distinctions is adding in qualifications. For instance, do you have your PADI Open Water scuba course? Send me an email for more insights, or enrol in my bootcamp and I’ll help you from start to finish, giving you the best shot possible at QC.

    All the best,
    Co-founder, CampusRankings (acquired by yconic / sln)

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  3. Hey! I’m a current first year QComm student and I just wanted to let you know that Queen’s really cares about your EC’s and your PSE. As long as you meet the 87% cutoff, you have a pretty fair chance of getting in, that is, if your EC’s and PSE stand out compared to other applicants. Best of luck!

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