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Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help reviewing my profile for University. I’m not sure if I have enough Ec’s. I don’t think meeting the 87% cutoff is too much of an issue as I have maintained a 90+ average throughout my 4 years at high school, I don’t know if I should join more clubs/ do more. Please look at what I have currently down below and give some advice. That would be of much help!!

7 Answers

  1. Your average is good. Above the cut-off required for your application to be reviewed. Remember, you don’t need to go beyond the 87% cut-off. Have you considered applying through the Chancellor’s Scholarship? Definitely something to look into at your school.

    Looking at your mix of extra-curriculars, I like the commitment to your student council and how you worked your way up. The co-op is good as well. The rest is good, but nothing really stands out to me. You have a good profile and I’d classify you as a competitive applicant. You’ve definitely worked hard and it shows. However, I’d suggest at least one or two extra-curriculars or jobs that really makes the reader stop and think “Hmm, that’s different.”

    99% of people come to me with DECA, JA, Model UN, lifeguard/ski instructor, camp counselor, etc. — the issue being that our education system is built like a factory model, building the ‘same end product’. I talk about this a lot in my bootcamps.

    For instance, I helped one of my students write and self-publish a book on personal finance for teenagers. It’s called ‘Moolah’, you can look it up on Amazon, which is where he self-published it. He sold it for $10 or something and it became a bestseller in a few categories on Amazon, and has a 4/5 star rating. That’s what he added to his ‘distinctions’ section of the PSE, and it really separated him from even the other students I worked with (I encourage each of my students to be very creative with independent leadership projects they pursue).

    If you’re not willing to start an independent leadership project, you can also work with what you have; however, the most important thing are the stories and insights you have about yourself, life, business, career, etc. that you’ve learned through your extra-curricular experiences; AND the impact you’ve had through these experiences. If you’re a really good storyteller and writer, that helps immensely. The hardest part is trying to tell someone through the written word who you are, what your strengths are, what you care about in the world, what your dreams are, etc.

    Hope that’s helpful.

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  2. I mean, that’s pretty standard for most QC applicants, nothing really super exceptional or anything. Plus, the program is really a crapshoot since it has a single digit acceptance rate.

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  3. It matters more how your write about your experience rather that how many clubs you were apart of. They are looking for unique experiences and strong writing/communication ability… I used Alpha Admissions and got accepted to all schools I applied to (Queens & Ivey specifically) – very helpful team of Queen’s alumni who work with you to perfect your PSE/Commerce Essays with a 92% acceptance rate…check them out:

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