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Queen’s Commerce Admissions?

Hey everybody, I’m a grade 12 student in Ontario, and i’m vying for some of the big business programs in the province. I’m also applying to Schulich, Laurier and Ottawa, but I would say that my first choice is Queen’s Commerce. I’d say i’m pretty good with English and French (I go to a french high school), and i’m working on meeting the requirements for the Calc, Functions and Data courses, but my worry would mostly lie with Extracurriculars and the PSE. Taking: Religion (4M), Advanced Functions (U), French (U-Full), Politics (U-Online), Calculus (U), Challenge and Change in Society (U), Data Management (U) and English (U).   EC’s: Student Council President Head of Inter-School Events (Gr 11) Class Rep (Gr 9) Assorted Political Volunteering uOttawa French business competition (Placed in the higher tier) Liaison for Student Vote 2019 Rotary Club Business Camp at U of Waterloo Franco Ontarian Youth Parliament (I intend to go in February)   Hobbies (Not sure if applicable as EC’s) Guitarist House League Hockey (until this year) Debate at the Inter-School Olympics headed by the French Students’ Association   Average: Probably about 88-91% by the time acceptances roll out? Gr11 Average: 87 (All), 88 (Top 6)   I know it’s redundant, but it’s something I think I should get some opinions on.   All the best!

2 Answers

  1. Once you meet the cut-off, it’s all up to your EC’s and that’s a crapshoot because it’s so subjective unless you’re a Nobel laureate that solved world famine or something.

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  2. How is anyone here supposed to predict your chances when we do not sit on the admissions committee. You have extensive ECs and meet the minimum average, so what more can you ask for?

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