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Queen’s Commerce

Hi! I am a Grade 12 student and will study in Canada as an international student in fall. I am interested in Maths/Finance and have been admitted to Queen’s Commerce, McMaster’s statistics and still waiting for Waterloo’s Maths. Which one should I choose if I want to work in Canada after graduation?

6 Answers

  1. QC, of course. Only program is that the tuition is hella expensive for domestic students, but for international students, it’ll be exponentially more. You’ll likely be going over six figures in debt if you take this path, keep that in mind. Also, travel restrictions to foreigners might not even be lifted by September as the situation is evolving on the daily.

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  2. You absolutely CANNOT reject an offer from Queen’s Commerce. A program with a 6% acceptance rate and a major target school all across Canada. Something as small as diversity should not be a concern tbh. Where ever you go, there will be a few of every minority and that’s enough. Even if there are none, that’s the real world. Take the QC offer lol. TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT.

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