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Pursuing CPA

So i am an International student who wants to pursue CPA in canada, currently enrolled in BMOS of Western University I wanted to ask how good of a program BMOS is for pursuing CPA. As i have heard that for being a good competitor in the CPA market one is supposed to have good work experience related to accounting (which i believe can only be achieved through coop) SO IS IT TRUE THAT COMPANIES HAVE SEAT ALLOTED TO CERTAIN UNIVERSITIES FROM WHICH THEY WILL BE CHOOSING STUDENTS FOR CO-OP. OR ALL UNIVERSITIES TREATED THE SAME WAY. ANY TIPS REGARDING CPA ARE APPRECIATED

1 Answer

  1. Dude, you don’t need a business degree to get your CPA. Any major can study and get it. Plus, co-op isn’t even offered at UWO. You would need to go to a school like Brock or Waterloo for that.

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