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Psychology credentials

Hey guys, I’m a bachelor’s degree holder here in the Philippines and I graduated from Psychology which is a 4 year course in a prestigious university and I’m wondering..Will I be considered as a bachelor’s degree holder when I move to Canada? since I want to take my Master’s degree right away. If I’m not qualified to the standards of the school and country, what courses can I take to take back my title as a Bachelor degree holder in Canada? Your answer will be a great help 🙂

1 Answer

  1. I mean, if it’s an accredited institution, it should be looked at as a legitimate bachelor’s degree in the West. The only thing they’ll probably require is an English competency test for international applicants that do their degree at a non-Anglophone school. Plus, psych is a liberal arts discipline, nothing that requires accreditation by a third party governing body like for engineering or medicine so it should be pretty flexible.

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