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Psychology at Western/Carleton/York?

Hi! I recently have received admissions from Carleton, Western, and York for Psychology, and I can’t  decide which school has the best program, and I would really appreciate some advice! Also, since I don’t live nearby any of these schools, I haven’t had a chance to get a “real feel” of them myself, so any info regarding the schools would also be really appreciated! Thank you!

7 Answers

  1. Personally I’d go to Western, what was ur average and when did you get accepted btw?

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  2. Was in Psych at Western prior to Ivey, can confirm that Western is the better school for Psych. It’s in the top 100 schools globally ( The profs are well regarded, there’s a ton of courses to choose from, and it will set you up extremely well for graduate programs if that’s what you intend on doing.

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