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probability of receiving and offer from mcmaster, uoft st. george and uottawa engineering with relatively low grade 11 marks

Sorry to disturb everyone in the midst of a global health crisis, but I was just wondering what the probability of a student with the following grade 11 marks has in getting accepted in mcmaster, uoft or uottawa etc. (Desired program is computer engineering) English: 82% Anthropology: 84 Accounting: 76 Functions: 82 Computer engineering: 95 Computer science: 94 Physics: 70 Chemistry: 72 I know these marks are really low, but I have always been a consistent 90’s student. However this year, things took a turn as I had paid no attention in my studies and courses but instead prioritized my robotics team, and as a consequence of spending all my time there, I received the marks above. However, next year I will set some time away from my robotics team and prioritize my grade 12 courses. Again, I deeply apologize for taking up too much of your time, thank you for reading and please be straightforward w/ no sugarcoating.

3 Answers

  1. Your’e grade 11 marks will not determine anything. If you make sure ur grade 12 marks are high youre good. grade 11 only matters for early acceptances

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  2. No, those marks are worthless. Unless you have like all 90s in grade 11, they won’t even take a second look. But even if your grade 11 average was a 95, that doesn’t mean you can just slack off in grade 12. They can still rescind your offer after giving out an early acceptance.

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  3. You better learn to multitask in gr. 12, cause EC’s and good grades are must especially for UofT or UWaterloo ECE/SE Eng

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