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Pre University Summer Programs

Does anyone know of any summer/program opportunities for high school students heading into grade 12 about science/technology? I already applied for SHAD and heard about McGill Summer Academy, UBC Future Global Leaders, and Uoft DEEP Summer Academy.

3 Answers

  1. I did U of T DEEP Summer Academy in the summer between grade 11 and grade12, it was really useful and so much fun

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  2. Please, I want to study in Canada / USA
    I’m already on the verge of an “explosion” in this garbage dump, where I live with a cattle that surrounds me without a purpose in life, I overpower myself every day and learn English not much, please students studying here, choose my place of study in terms of price / benefit .
    I myself am 16 years old, because of the bullying in these slops I almost became an invalid and a hikka.
    I would also be very grateful to someone who sponsored me, right VERY STRONGLY, so as not to come back here and finally heal normally.
    That would be to finish school before grade 11 and further to the bachelor.
    (I’m sorry I threw it here, it just didn’t want to take off, in what topic can I put this?
    It’s very important to me.)

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