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Do you think that people applying from other uni’s like western to U of T have less of a chance of getting accepted than people who are already in U of T? I am interested in applying to Western this year (I am in grade 12) for my undergrad, then I am planning to apply to U of T after my undergrad…I am currently volunteering at a pharmacy to try to boost my chances, is there anything else I can do? Any extra courses I can take in high school during my last year? I love biology and chemistry, and I am great at memorizing. I got a 98% in Biology and a 94% in Chemistry. I also got a 92% in business, will that possibly do anything? I am a 90’s student, however, that is not the case for math and physics. This year I have to focus on math and physics in order to be able to get into the program. Should I try attending a full course with credit 1-1 class instead? I think that would boost my chances. Also…I am looking at programs but I don’t quite understand what the difference between honors, major, and minor are. I am currently searching for an interesting undergraduate program but I don’t really know what could be best for me. At first I was thinking of taking Biochemistry, but my friend recommended physiology instead and said that Biochem was hard and boring. Any recommendations of undergrad programs?

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  1. No, it doesn’t matter what school you go to as long as it’s accredited. They won’t give you special treatment simply because you attended undergrad in the same school. GPA and PCAT score is king for pharmacy school.

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