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party colleges in Canada?

I see all the top party universities in Canada but what about colleges?

5 Answers

  1. Sigh, people who go to college are not academically astute for the most part so you can party at any college, especially if they're in smaller cities outside the GTA. If you go to a college in Toronto, then understand that most students commute to class and go home afterward.

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  2. Do you really think a guy doing culinary arts or an HVAC technician course is going to be attending school for the parties?

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  3. "Sigh, people who go to college are not academically astute for the most part"

    You think that it's that much harder to get into general arts/humanities programs at most universities in Canada? There are very many "academically astute" students who opt to choose a college pathway rather than a university degree specifically due to the career opportunities presented, not because they are dumb. I personally know students in AP and gifted who have opted for college programs rather than going to university. Despite what your guidance counsellors may have told you, college is not the sole purview of those not academically proficient enough to attend university. A large percentage of students attending university would be better served going to college instead.

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    • Your post is going off in irrelevant tangents. I am no high schooler and have both a university degree and a college diploma. The AVERAGE college student is not there for the academics. The workload and expectations in university is much higher, so even the slackers need to pick up their game or risk getting the boot. You can get into U of T life science with 70s, does this make the program a joke? Nobody cares what the admissions averages are once you are admitted into the program. You can get into most university programs in Canada with 70s and low 80s. 
      Arts programs require heavy essay writing, critical analysis, reading, writing, and exams as well. It's not a joke if you can't handle it. How many 10-20 page papers have you written in your life? You have to do this for every Arts course you take in university. 
      I AGREE that college is a better alternative for many, many university students and graduates, but that is not the purpose of this post. OP is asking what the best party colleges are, and because the workload ON AVERAGE and student body academically ON AVERAGE in college is much lower than university, the OP can get a good party experience anywhere. 
      No, there are certainly not "many" academically astute individuals pursuing college. Their strengths and interests lie elsewhere, mostly in the practical hands-on learning, which is why they are pursuing careers and education through the college route. University is academia and that is what I mean by being academically astute. I'm not calling college students "dumb," so please refrain from putting words in my mouth that was never said. You can still be intelligent and not academically astute. These are two different things.  We can make an argument for why studying to be a firefighter is an academically astute program, but that is beyond the realm of this thread. 

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