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Hey, so I had a panel interview about an hours ago and was 1 out of 3 people that got interviewed. I don’t know how well I did and how well the others might of done so I can’t tell if I got it or not. How should I send a thank you note? To each of them individually or should I not bother with one since they said they will hire someone by next week which is pretty fast. 

If I email them do I attach a document or write out an email? 
Thanks in advance
ALSO: this wasn’t a normal job position it’s with a reputable organization, my job would be to assist with their mission in creating a new program in the community. 

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  1. yea send it, it'll make you stand out! or you could come off as too attached

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  2. Thanks for the replies but how should I send it? Like attached a document or type it in the direct email!
    Haha, I think I'll send it. 

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  3. Send a thank you for the interview to someone, not all of them. Is there an email correspondence who got into touch with you about the interview? Send one email to a relevant party, not to each panel members individually.

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