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Paid Summer Social Science Internships for High School Student in Toronto

Are there any social science related paid internships available to high school students in Toronto during the summer months? I’m particularly interested in positions pertaining to psychology, criminology, anthropology, economics and epidemiology.

4 Answers

  1. Lol, given the fact that even university students in social science programs are struggling to find these positions, I think your time is better spent just working a part-time job even if its in sales, retail, or fast food.

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  2. I’ve not once seen an internship program related to social sciences, even at the undergrad/grad school level. Perhaps because you won’t have any credibility in these fields with anything less than a PhD. And when you’re in high school, you have zero background, so why would anyone roll the dice on someone like that?

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  3. I am continuing my studies now, but I want to start a job finder. A friend advised the site He has been earning quite a few years thanks to the work he finds there. Work from home is much more convenient than in the office. There are so many recent times that I can’t cope alone, and I want to take on an assistant so that he takes over part of the orders.

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  4. Well this might be really good for students, but I am already 35 so nobody accepts this kind of internship application from me. I can only be an intern at some commercial organization, but it is always unpaid. Meaning that where I will get my bread and butter nobody gives a shit. My friends say I can come here and earn on playing games. I have never tried it but I think it is a good opportunity.

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