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Options on when to take gr.11 functions?

Hi everyone, So my question is when should I do gr.11 functions? I’ve been reading around and been seeing people recommending not to take it in the summer. So what other options could I do to get that credit? I’m currently taking the mixed math in school (functions and applications). Math is a challenging subject for me, in grade 10 I ended up just passing (literally I ended in the 50’s). But currently in 11 i’m in the low 80’s (again i’m doing the university/college mixed math). If I get a tutor to aid me during the summer would that be a wise choice? Another option for me would be taking it as a semester course in my non-semester school, so in a way both would be compacted…. Any thoughts? *the reason why I need functions is because I want to pursue in zoology which needs a U math course. Thank you for reading this insanely long question.

3 Answers

  1. If taking grade 11 Functions in the summer works for you go for it. No program is going to care that you took a grade 11 credit in the summer. My only concern would be that if you struggle with math, the pace of summer school is going to be very fast compared to taking it in regular school. Taking it semestered will be faster than non-semestered, but not as fast a summer school. If you can find a way to do it semestered at your school that might be a better option.

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  2. I would certainly not recommend taking functions in the summer and i’ll tell you why. That course is very different from any other math course you’ve completed thus far. It introduces you to what mathematical thinking is on the high school level. Grade 9 and 10 teaches you only 50% of what is needed in higher level math courses. Most of my friends and other peers struggled so hard in functions but it prepared all of us to be better at math. If you take it in summer, you may or may not find it easy, but it will not prepare you for advanced functions, and certainly not calculus in grade 12. This is because to learn math you need to practice everyday, and do numerous questions to test yourself. Practicing for only 1 month in the summer is far less efficient than practicing for 6 months in regular school. This course is the most important math course imo, and its less helpful to you if you take it in the summer.

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