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Ontario Business Schools

Based on my marks and ec’s what schools do i really have a chance of getting into. (Including AFM) 
(Marks Projected at absolute lowest, most likely going to be a bit higher)

Advanced Func. – 93
Calculus – 93
International business – 96+
English – 94 +
Writers Craft – 93 +
Religion – 95 +
Accounting – 93 +

Estimated lowest average (top 6) = 94

EC: DECA executive position(and competitive) , Robotics executive, internship at accounting firm as an assistant bookkeeper.

Options : Queens, Schulich, Rotman, UTSC BBA, DeGroote, UW AFM, Laurier BBA , rye saf

5 Answers

  1. You’ll get in. I recommend applying to Ivey though. Widely regarded as the best business program in the country. I’m a schulich first year.

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  2. Definitely put Ivey on your list.  But neither Ivey nor Queens are guaranteed if your supplementary pieces aren't written well.  
    Though not on your list, McGill would be a stretch for you as their admission average for Ontario students last year was bonkers – like 95.  Undergrad B school admissions have gone insane, as if a BComm is some golden ticket or something.

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  3. Do you want accounting or business?
    If you want accounting, head over to Brock (BAcc Co-Op) or Waterloo AFM
    If its business, head over to Ivey or Queen's, the rest are subpar. If you can raise your predicted average to 95 or 96, you can add McGill to that list.

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