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Online Summer School?

Is summer school easier or harder than regular classes? Is it a lot of work in a short time, since it’s only for a month? If I take a 4U course, can it still count as one of my top 6 for university? How does the online part of it work? I mean how do they ensure you aren’t cheating, is there anything about online school that makes it harder or easier etc.? I want an easy course that will boost my average and get me above a 90. Which one of these courses should I take with that in mind: BOH4M Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals ENG4U English HSB4U Challenge and Change in Society CLN4U Canadian and International law EWC4U The Writer’s Craft CGW4U World Issues: A geographic analysis  

4 Answers

  1. The timeframe is compressed so you’re learning a semester’s worth of material in a month, so it tends to be harder. Since you’ll be doing one course for 6 hours within 30 days, yeah, it’s obviously more work because there’s less time to do it. It doesn’t matter where or when you take it, a 4U course will be counted no matter what as long as the institution is accredited. You receive instruction online, usually with videos or a PowerPoint of the teacher’s voiceover in place of classes. You submit your work online instead of in-person. As for tests, most of them have been proctored meaning you have to show up to write the final in-person, but if it’s done online, then it’ll be timed but also open book since they have no way of preventing you to look up or Google info. English would be most beneficial since you need it for all programs and if you mess up, you can retake it again for a higher mark, so you don’t really have anything to lose other than some summer leisure time.

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