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Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to make a nursing waitlist thread where anyone who’s been waitlisted at a nursing program can just post things such as where they got waitlisted, any questions for other people, etc! We can also comment whenever we get accepted somewhere. Anyway, feel free to say whatever you want and good luck to everyone waiting for offers 🙂

28 Answers

  1. I’ve been waitlisted at both the Western main site and the Fanshawe collab!

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  2. I got waitlisted for ryerson mainsite, ryerson GB, western mainsite.
    Prob gonna go with western collab… anyone know if its good?

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  3. For the people who got accepted from the momac waitlist, what were your averages if you don’t mind me asking

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  4. I got a momac offer to. For those who got an offer how do u accept it, do I cancel my offer on ouac and accept the one on ocas?

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  5. Does anyone know if momac is still sending out offers to people on the wait list or was June 12th the only day?

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  6. I got an email from Western a few days ago saying that they removed me off their waitlist, it’s okay though I wasn’t planning on going anyway

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  7. I emailed Western a few days ago about the wait list and they said that both the main site and the collaborative program were full according to the responses they got on June 1st

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