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Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to compare Queens and Mcmaster’s nursing programs but I don’t have much info on Mac 🙁 coronavirus canceled open houses. 1) does anyone know how the social/school environment differs or is like at Mac? 2) which is cheaper? I know the cost of queens including everything is around 22k but it’s hard to find a summary of mcmasters finances 3) if ur a nursing student, which would you recommend? 5) are placements at Mac based on grades? 6) is commuting easy at mcmaster, I don’t have a liscness yet so I wonder how that’s gonna go 7) is queens a friendly environment

8 Answers

  1. I mean, I don’t think it really matters where you attend for a program like nursing, but they’re both excellent options. When you get a nursing degree, you essentially have a job for life, the reputation doesn’t matter as long as it’s accredited.

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  2. Try posting on each school’s Reddit page. You’ll get feedback from actual students.

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  3. I have also applied to both programs! What is your average for your top 6 courses?
    I haven’t been to the queens open house, but mcmaster was beautiful! But unfortunately mcmaster is a “campus centered” place, meaning that there aren’t a lot of fun things outside of the actual school. I haven’t been inside queens but I’ve been to Kingston and the environment is amazing! A lot of touristy things, docks and lakes, stores and restaurants, and even though it gets hella cold in the winter, its beautiful in the summer!
    As for costs, I am not 100% sure, but Queens is notoriously known for being a school for rich kids because their tuition and stuff is kinda high.
    Mcmaster decides based on your grades AND your CASPER application, which is mandatory. As for commuting, I’m not sure because I live far from both schools.
    As for “friendliness,” Idk bud, all schools have friendly people. Just be outgoing and friendly back and you’ll be fine.
    What’s your top choice?

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    • Hi so:
      1) My top six avg is a 95%. I already got into Queen’s in February and McMaster always gives May offers for their competitive programs like nursing. My top choice is Queen’s, but I still wanted to research Mac to make sure I considered all my options :). I actually toured Mac for a field trip but it was for the engineering faculty. It had lots of new concrete buildings that were very modern and new, but tbh, it felt like I was going to an upgraded version of my high school in the GTA, everyone seemed very inclusive tho
      2) Queens may seem more expensive but they’re very generous with their bursary. McMaster gave me the lowest scholarship out of any school I applied to and I’ve asked mac students and they say that the bursary isn’t as good as other schools. However, Mac’s tuition and res is cheaper than most other schools but off campus housing is pretty much the same if u find the right place.

      3) Yeah queens has a rich kid reputation, but again, that’s only a reputation.
      4) Yep, I know it requires both grades and casper, but I felt really good about my casper. I got into western in February too and that required a casper, plus my avg in Feb was a 93% so I think I did well on the casper.
      5) by commuting I mean within hamilton, I’m staying on res. but I’ve learned that mac, like most schools, gives u a free presto for hamilton so it’s all good.

      5) Mac kinda does a rep for becoming a weekend commuter school. Lots of students from the GTA return home.

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    • Also, in terms of “expensiveness” it depends on ur program. Engineering and commerce r the most expensive but lucky for us, nursing is one of the lowest costing programs :). I don’t think you can beat the community feel at Queen’s

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  4. my friends in ryerson nursing and he was told by hospital staff during his clinical, that mac grads are highly sought out and respected because they’re the ones who perform the best right after grad. that’d being said everyone will reach the same point as time passes by so i dont think it matters too much. mac has its problem based learning which makes it unique and enhances critical thinking skills. regardless though, you cant go wrong either way. all nursing degrees are pretty much the same

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