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Nursing program repeated courses policy admission questions

Hey guys. I’m planning to go into nursing at the following universities: 1. Reyrson main site 2. GBC 3. UOIT 4. Western 5. McMaster. I already took G12 Bio twice with the first attempt as 55 and second attempt as 88. I’m trying to decide whether I need to repeat the course. My other four courses avg is at 90.75. Do admission offices accept third attempt BIO course? Do they accept courses that are repeated twice ( total as three attempts)? Any answers are greatly appreciated!!

3 Answers

  1. Some universities, idk about all, they usually take ur highest mark from the repeated courses u did, but they also take into consideration that u repeated courses or courses completed outside of your regular high school (some universities). i think repeating it twice is better than 3 times, ur average of 90.75 is good. again its ur choice if u wanna take it 3 times. Ik waterloo 100% looks at repeated courses, idk about the ones u listed, maybe do some research on them and see.

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  2. No, dude, they don’t care. But bear in mind that bio is one of the most fundamental courses for nursing. If you struggled with it at the high school level, it may not be the most suitable careerpath for you at the university-level. Just be forewarned.

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  3. You need to search the universities websites, and if you will not be able to find the information, just email them. This way you will get the answer. People on this forum cannot know each university policy. Usually repeated courses are not a problem – they just take the best mark, recent, or average. Ask them.

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