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Nursing hopefuls 2021!

Hello prospective 2021 nursing students! Lets continue the thread and use this as a space to talk about anything nursing related. Post questions, averages, schools you’re applying to/been accepted at, advice from current students and more!   I’m anticipating a 92-95% average this year and am applying to queens, ryerson, ryerson/gbc, ottawa, humber/UNB, york/seneca and brock Good luck to everyone!!

4 Answers

  1. Hey, I’m also applying to nursing school. I’ll be applying to Humber, GBC, Seneca, Centennial & York, I might apply to more. The schools I really want to get into is Humber or GBC and I’m striving for anything between 88-92% average. Good luck everyone!

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  2. Hey, I’m going to be applying to nursing as well this year. I’m anticipating and striving for a 90-94% average and I will be applying to Queens, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and Trent. Does anyone know when we should register for the casper test??

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  3. I’m applying to Queens (top choice), Western, McMaster, uOttawa, and Ryerson. I’m estimating that my average will be around 92-94%.

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