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Nursing 2021

I’m a 2nd year life sci student at UTSC. My gr 11 marks were all in 90s but my gr 12 marks were in 70s, with a chem mark if 66. My first year ended with me scoring 2.11 gpa. My anxiety and mental health has been bad in the last couple of years. I was thinking about switching into a nursing program like UOIT or Trent. I know nursing admissions are competitive. But I don’t want to end up without a decent paying career.

2 Answers

  1. It’s too late for you to switch programs or schools at this point, unfortunately, The thing that I would be worrying about right now is just passing so that you can walk out with a degree. There’s no way that you can transfer into nursing at a different school with such a horrendous GPA.

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  2. You’re still making the same mistakes. Look, when you had 70s in Gr.12 and a 66 in high school chemistry, this should have been a red flag that university, or at least sciences, is not for you. Still, you went into a life science program and currently have a C average. Instead of switching out to something else entirely, you STILL want to stay with sciences when clearly the last 3 years should have told you that you’re just not good or capable at it? Would you want yourself as a nurse if you’re a sick patient lying in a hospital bed? You probably won’t get through the rigorous school to begin with. Look, you need to stop and do some serious introspection. You are bad at sciences or at least haven’t figured out how to study properly. In any case, you should not continue to pursue this.

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