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Okay, so basically I’m confused between going towards the business pathway or the science pathway. If I was to enter the science pathway, my plan would be to apply to medical school after my undergrad to become a dermatologist. On the other hand, if I were to go into business, I would want to try to get a double-degree at Laurier for a BBA and Financial Mathematics in 5 years (from my current average, maybe another business program). I do enjoy the science courses at my school, but I enjoy business courses equally. I know ultimately, this choice is mines, but it would be helpful to reach a decision with your advice. My grades this semester so far average out to an 83% :/
  • Advanced Functions: 85%
  • English: 80%
  • French: 80%
I actually switched into my french class and had to do the test with the class 3 days later, so that’s why my average is low in French. In English, I’m confident I can get it up to an 88% as my teacher makes everything weighted equally, and I’ve been asking more questions, and working harder than ever. In math, I’ve got four assessments in our current unit, hopefully I will go up 3 or 4%. I still two months to get my averages in each class up, so I have some hope. Please don’t leave any rude comments, school has already got me sad 🙂 SIDE NOTE: I have 2 science courses next semester, as well as calculus, and a spare. If I choose to go into business, I’m dropping the science courses and taking business courses.

8 Answers

  1. Apply to both, don’t put all your choices in one basket if you’re this confused, something to note is that both grade 12 chem and bio are pretty different from their grade 11 equivalents, so your idea of science may be different once you take them, likewise to business courses, if you haven’t had many courses in that discipline at your school you won’t know if you actually like them. Apply to both and decide as your acceptances come in, you can always change your mind just don’t do it too late.

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  2. Do business, man. Not only is it an employable backup, but you do realize that you can still go to med school with a business degree, right? Just make sure you take the necessary prereqs like bio and chem and you’ll be golden, bruh.

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  5. Hello, man! I suppose, that you should listen to your heart because it is not a good idea to think only about the money. Do you want to be a scientist or a businessman? Or you can try to combine both of them. But if you will choose a way of business, I can share you a good resource for helping, check it

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  6. To my mind, it depends on what you like to do? What do you prefer more? To study or to create a business? These actions are so different. You should choose one of them or both of them. It is another variant. But if you will choose to become an entrepreneur, I would advise you this accounting service from Singapore.

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