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My chances of a decent business school? Grade 12 student worried (Accounting)

Current average for 1st sem

 Advanced Functions 85

 English 82 (EXPECTED to increase to a 85)

 Business Leadership 90

 Economics 85 

 + Decent Ec’s 

 AVRG 85.5, Im anticipating to work even harder next sem and bring my avrg to the 87-89 range Im applying to Ryerson, Rotman, UTM, UTSC BBA COOP, York (not schlich), and Degroote. What are my chances at these business schools? Im so worried, as I have been putting a 100 percent everyday. Thanks for your time.

2 Answers

  1. Hey bud, you will get into York as long as it’s not Schulich with those marks. You will get into Ryerson as-well, I got into Ryerson Accounting and Finance with a 90.0 and Business Management with an 85 in grade 11 marks. Rotman the odds are against you, I know one person who got in below 90 and his average was 89.7, they rarely accept below a 90. You will probably get into UTM commerce with above an 88. The rest of the programs I am not sure of. Also, check the website . This website shows the entrance averages per program of high school students for all Ontario Universities. Hope this helps.

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