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music education

Hi I am in grade 11 right now and I am wondering how hard will it be to get into queens con ed for music and science and U of T music education program as they both require an audition to get into. Is it a competetive program? and I play the violin

5 Answers

  1. OP, in terms of the music side, most schools will require a minimum proficiency at a grade 8 RCM level for your instrument and for theory. Also, many schools also have minimum keyboard proficiency requirements for their non-piano students though it varies (Queen's does, U of T does not). You might also want to consider Western as they have a very strong music program, though their B.Ed is not concurrent. Ottawa offers a joint music & science degree, but not concurrent with a B.Ed. 
    U of T will be probably be the most competitive to get into as it attracts the strongest music students.  

    U of T states:
    Audition Applicants to the Common Year, Composition & Music Education – Bachelor of Music Degree Program perform repertoire at the RCM Grade 8 Level or above
    Theory All applicants must have completed RCM Level 8 Theory (formerly Advanced Rudiments) or an acceptable equivalent or write the Faculty of Music Theory Entrance Exam. RCM Level 9 Harmony (formerly Basic Harmony), or its equivalent, is not an admission requirement (but students are encouraged to undertake basic study of harmony). 
    Keyboard proficiency is not an admission requirement for the Faculty of Music. However, students whose major instrument is not piano will find that piano skills at the level of Grade 3 (RCM) or equivalent will assist them in their studies.

    Academic Requirements: The admission cut-off average in recent years has fallen in the 78-82% range, with the admission mean in the 83-88% range.
    For Queen's
    Academic Requirements Competitive Average for Admission Consideration: 80+

    Performance audition – A minimum intermediate/advanced level of performance on a primary instrument or voice is required. This is comparable to Grade 8 Conservatory. Please note, students do not need to have completed Conservatory exams prior to auditioning but must play repertoire at the required level.

    Theory/aural skills test – Advanced Rudiments level theory. This is comparable to RCM Grade 8 Theory

    Keyboard Proficiency – Non-piano students who have not yet completed Royal Conservatory Grade VI Piano (or equivalent) prior to entering the B.Mus. program must do so, at their own expense, before proceeding to second year.

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  2. Since I love music I want to try professional music education even though I understand it’s not that easy

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  3. If you like music you need to have good equipment for it. If I were you, I would read the review of passive soundbar by Neal Smith because this is a necessary thing if we want to listen to good sound. In my opinion, musicians need it more than anybody else

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