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Medical Admissons after Nursing

I am currently  a Nursing student at Seneca/York. My dream is to go to medical school. While in seneca I got two C+ but my other grades were A’s and B’s. When I am applying to med school would they be able to see my seneca grades or not because i HAVE been told that in the york transcript the seneca grades are no where to be found. Soo, does this mean the med school won’t see my seneca grades.

2 Answers

  1. No. If you took those courses during your undergrad degree, then med schools will absolutely see those grades from Seneca. Those C+’s will almost certainly take you out of the eligibility of getting accepted into med school. There are kids with 3.9 GPAs that get rejected. No way they’ll accept someone that barely scrapes by undergrad.

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  2. Med schools will see you’re entire transcript. I’d recommend applying to McMaster, which only requires a 3.0 minimum GPA. Or if you’re from Northern Ontario, try NOSM, which has the same 3.0 GPA minimum. I have tons of friends who got into medical school without amazing grades. Stay focused and positive. Get good grades, but also focus on building a more well-rounded application and autobiographical sketch with volunteering, scholarships, and some research experience. Also build some good reference letters and ace the MCAT.

    I’d be happy to help more. Toss me a message, my contact info is on my website:

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