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Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering

Hey everyone, do you guys think that an 81-83 average can get me into Aerospace or Mechanical engineering at ryerson? What university do you think I can get into with that average? Also, do you guys know a website or source that I can see the grade ranges of the previous years? Any feedback is helpful. Thanks!   If any of you are in these programs or know of anyone who is plz let me know.

1 Answer

  1. Hello chipper99,
    I just checked the requirements of ryerson for mech eng, and it says the grade range is around 80-87%. First of all, we are talking about university here, think about it, there are a lot of people applying for programs like engineering. Engineering is competitive, and with marks like 81-83, i don’t believe you can get in with that. I’m sorry to say that. Its best you try harder in your courses and get at least a 86-89 range. Then, I can easily say that you have a chance to get in to some uni. Also, some unis say you need to have at least 75% in your final 6ix average, however, that’s not the case, The bare minimum won’t get into university, so yeah. Try your best.

    Unis and Averages for Mech Eng:
    Western Uni (High 80s):
    Laurentian (75+):
    York (Low to mid 80s):
    Carleton (75-85):
    Lakehead (70+):
    McMaster: (A minimum of high 80s is required for consideration. Admission is by selection.):
    UofT (Mid 80s):
    UofGuelph (84-89):
    Ryerson (80-87+):
    Ontario Tech University (High 70s):
    UofWindsor (74+):
    UofOttawa (Mid 80s):

    See these are the averages for all the universities in Ontario. I suggest you do better than what these averages ask for. Aim for the 86-90. -I believe you can get into one of them for sure. With a 81 to 83 average, I can say you can get into Lakehead, UofWindsor,Carleton, York.
    You should also consider the tuition, residence, commuting to the uni, area of uni, relocating, etc etc.
    Ontario University Info is the website i used to tell u all these averages, they summarize everything. A very good website. More info of each program are found in the respective uni’s website.

    Unis and Averages for Aero Eng:
    Ryerson (80-87):
    Carelton (75–85% for all Engineering programs (regular and co-op)):
    UofT (Low 90s):

    If you feel you can’t do better, then it’s better to think of other options.

    Hope this helps you, somehow.


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