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McMaster & Western Early Admission

Hi! I just finished grade 11 with a 94.5% top six average and I was wondering, do mac and western do early admissions? I’m interested in kin and life science for mac and med sci and health sci for western. I know that mac usually waits till May to hand out all offers but does that apply to the programs I listed too? I would really appreciate it if you drop your average below if you got into any of these programs this year! Thank you!!

4 Answers

  1. Yes, both schools do early admissions, but it still’s contingent on gr. 12 performance.

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  2. Mac Health Sci does not do early admissions. For Mac programs that do make early offers, it’s generally March. For Western early offers go out in February.

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  3. I don’t know about Western, but like the other person said Mac health sci does not do early admissions. Life sci on the other hand does, you can get it as early as February if your average is 90+

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