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McMaster VS Western

I am a grade 12 student at this moment, and I am about to start my application in a few days. However I am not 100% sure of my choice. I am a person that really loves science in general, chemistry and biology to be specific. I ended up deciding to go ahead with Pharmacy school, however, that is a graduate program. For my undergrad, I was thinking of taking kinesiology. However, after asking some people, I was told it is going to be hard to balance kin courses and prerequisites of Pharmacy school. My marks at the moment are:
  • English: 91
  • Advanced Functions: 95
  • Chemistry: 96
  • Nutrition: 100%
Physics is not required but I am hesitant to take the course next semester, it is recommended though. However I am taking Kinesiology, Chemistry, and Calculus. My PharmD program requires physics 4U or one full course of physics during university. Should I get it over with next semester? Or do I do it in university instead? I wanted to go for an undergrad that could also potentially be my plan b. If I were to stop after my undergrad, I would like to have a good job and something to lean on. Are there any other undergrads with the same outcome? Maybe a co-op program as well? Western is better in many aspects to me. My friends are family are there, it’s safe, the program is amazing, the university is great. I feel at peace when I think of going there. On the other hand, McMaster is amazing as well, I loved the campus and the environment, it’s so great and it really pulled my attention. However, the area outside, to me, is not that safe, I have no one there and I would not feel comfortable outside the campus’ residence.  

4 Answers

  1. Pharm is a professional program so if it requires you to take it, then that means they’ll be looking at your undergrad transcript, not high school. That being said, you should probably take it in high school anyway because I can’t imagine you walking into an undergrad physics course without having a high school background first.

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  2. Did you at least take grade 11 Physics? I agree that if you are required to have 1 Physics course there is less risk in taking it in high school. You definitely don’t want your first exposure to Physics to be in university and most 1st year Physics classes will require Physics 12U as a prerequisite anyway. If they do offer the equivalent course to 12U then there is the added point of why pay tuition to take it if you can take it for free in high school? Since Physics is not a required course for admission it won’t be included in your top 6 provided you take more than 6 courses. You are currently registered for 7 courses so if you don’t want to take 8 then I would swap Kin for Physics. As for employable science majors with just an undergraduate degree, it’s about the same as for humanities or social sciences. Non-professional undergraduate degrees are really intended to be continued in graduate school or professional programs (like PharmD). In and of themselves they act as a basic credential for employment that many employers look for as a minimum requirement for entry level jobs of a non-specific nature (i.e. they aren’t required to do the job but they are required to get the job). From that perspective I would pick whatever program you find really enjoyable and rock it. That way at least grad school will be an option.

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  3. No offence, but do you imagine university-level physics is somehow easier than high school physics?

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