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Mcmaster or UOttawa

I’ve been accepted to McMaster Business 1 and UofOttawa Telfer School of Managment. I’m not sure which one I should attend. McMaster is more prestigious compared to UofOttawa, but UofOttawa has guaranteed CO-OP unlike McMaster’s internship. I believe both have a lot to offer, but which one do you think is better and why?

5 Answers

  1. Stuff to look at location and do you want live at home or on residence. The degree dont really matter unless you cant become a cpa or cfa with it. Mcmaster might be better but the location is just whatever compare to Canada’s captail

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  2. I would also like to mention that McMaster’s tuition is really expensive compared to UofOttawa, UofOttawa also provides a really good scholarship.

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