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McMaster IBH (Integrated Business and Humanities Program)

I just found out about the IBH program at McMaster, I know it is a very new program and I was wondering if anyone enrolled in it could answer a few questions. 1. How do you like it? Why’d you choose to go into it as apposed to any other regular commerce program? 2. Have you done co-op or gotten any internships? is it easy to get? 3. There are very few people in the program I think about 60, how does that feel? 4. Your grade 12 courses and averages? 5. What is the supplementary like?

2 Answers

  1. Most people with 90 averages aren’t going to be applying to Mac for a business program. It’s primarily a science and engineering school. You’d be better off going to Ivey or Smith.

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  2. No one here is likely in that program, but just letting you know that it matters where you get a business degree and Degroote is considered a very bottom tier school for commerce. Mac’s rep is all from medicine and sciences. You really do not go there for commerce if you have better options. And Mac is also not a school you go to for the arts. This is why we have U of T, York, UBC, Queen’s, Western, McGill, etc. So the IBH program will not be well-regarded by anyone simply because Mac is not known for commerce OR humanities, and you dont even need a degree in humnaities to learn the subject. You can literally go to a school like Ivey and learn social sciences for the first two years, then fill your electives with arts courses. The IBH program was created to lure in more students that are interested and undecided between the arts and commerce. The program itself wouldn’t have the best job prospects. You’ll be employed, but the jobs won’t be what I consider competitive and highly regarded. Probably about the same as the standard Guelph, Ryerson, Mac commerce, Ontario Tech, etc. jobs.

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