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McMaster Health Sciences 4th Year!!

Hi there everyone! I am going into fourth year at McMaster for Health Sciences. I remember being on these forums in 2017 when I was writing my supp app and getting my admissions. I know you guys have gotten your admissions and I just wanted to give my two cents if anyone wants some details on courses and how it all works, etc. Obviously, COVID has changed things, but still. Feel free to ask anything!

5 Answers

  1. What’s your GPA? Is it safe to assume that you’ll be beginning your studies at Harvard Medical School in the fall of 2021?

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  2. how hard was it doing yoga, talking about your feelings, building legos and making posters? was it difficult having a total of two exams per year? any advice for the lego class in particular?

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  3. Ahh! Thank you for doing this! It really helps : )

    I just want to know how health science differs from Mac’s life science program. I heard that health science focuses on critical thinking and group work but I haven’t come across an answer that explained how the program actually implements this. Are the courses in a different format? Different profs? Different evaluations? Different research opportunities and/or labs? If you could give me a rough idea, it would really help me in choosing unis, if I get accepted that is!

    Again, thank you so much for this opportunity! : )

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