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Mcmaster health science

Anyone has any advice regarding health sci supplementary application like who got accepted how did you stand out ? Do you pick the harder option? and however is applying what option did you pick for the first question ?

7 Answers

  1. It’s really subjective since it’s up to the admissions committee to assess your paragraph…there’s no real hard line criteria for judging which is better.

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  2. Not in Health Science but my sibling is in the middle of their second year in the program. They were a pretty strong candidate with over a 95% Grade 12 average (including prereq courses), volunteering at a senior centre, and an organizational role in a school club. What helped make them stand out for their essays was tailoring their responses to demonstrate creativity and their own personal flair: they embedded references to a non-STEM subject area that they really enjoyed to make the essay more personable. Also helped that they had plenty of people read over and comment on their essays to provide constructive feedback and perfect their application.

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