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McMaster (Btech) vs OUIT (Eng) vs York (Eng)

I got accepted in: McMaster University Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology (B.Tech.) (Co-op) University of Ontario Institute of Technology Mechatronics Engineering York University Engineering (BEng) (Co-op) Just wondering if people can give me their input on anyone these programs and universities. Especially Btech, how is it? Can I get variety of jobs? Also, should I go with a university with a reputability university but the decent program (Such as Mcmaster Btech) or a decent university with a solid program?  (such OUIT/ York with proper engineering degree). Just confused not calling any of these unis bad, hopefully, no one is salty.  

2 Answers

  1. Things you may want to consider:
    1) B.Tech is not an engineering degree, but there is a pathway available to qualify for a P.Eng if that’s the route you want to go –
    2) Re B.Tech’s focus on automotive engineering – it’s a tech sector in flux right now (might be a good thing or not)
    3) Mechatronics Engineering will be very niche. You might want to do more research on employment prospects with that degree. You would be better off with a straight Mechanical or Electrical degree.
    4) If you were a strong enough student to be a contender for Mac Engineering this may not be an issue for you, but the program graduation rate from UOIT Engineering is 62.2% and for York Engineering it’s 50%.

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  2. Go to York, dude. Co-op is actually useful for engineering and you’ll actually become a licensed engineer at the end instead of some bullsh!t engineering technician program.

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