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Mcgill Retaking English12 provincial test

Hello, I’m student from B.C I got 99% in Calculus12, 98% in pre-calculus12, 98% in physics12, 97% in chemistry12, 89% in geography 12, and 65% in English12 with 83% of school mark and 38% of provincial score. The reason of that terrible provincial exam score is, I thought English12 doesn’t count in my Top5 Average grade as long as I have to submit ielts test score since I’ve lived here less than 4 years.   However, after I get admission decision that I refused, I saw that English12 is pre-requisite course whih must be included in Top5 average..   So, I’m planning to rewrite the provincial exam. What I would like to know is, Does Mcgill count only the higher mark of provincial test+school mark? or make the average of both attempt for the provincial exam+school mark?

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