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McGill Desautels vs. Schulich – 2019

Hey everyone! I am currently in Grade 12 and deciding between McGill Desautels and Schulich (admitted to both). I have done my research on both programs but I still can’t come to a final decision. I want to go to the school that provides the best prospects for the future for finance. Please leave your advice below! Anything is appreciated.

5 Answers

  1. Honestly, “best prospects for future” is an extremely vague term. What are you interested in, finance, marketing, consulting, etc. Schulich is great for accounting and marketing, with a decent finance program, but McGill’s finance is superior to Schulich. That being said, I still prefer Schulich over the close proximity to Bay Street (unless u want to work overseas) and cheaper tuition. Most of my friends at Schulich are doing pretty well and seem to enjoy their time.

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