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McGill Bioengineering vs Waterloo Biomedical Eng Co-op

I was fortunate enough to get into these two selective programs. I like both universities, as both have pros and cons. McGill is first of all a very reputable university and is in Montreal, where I would love to live. The school’s “work hard, play hard” motto fits me well. However, I really don’t want that factor to define my education choice. Also, as an international student who doesn’t speak French, I’m worried about internship opportunities. Waterloo on the other hand has co-op, giving me 2 years worth work experience. This is a huge plus. However, it’s in Waterloo, and the school isn’t as “fun” as McGill. I like both programs a lot. I enjoy the bio aspect of engineering but don’t want to close off any paths at this stage. I have some questions: -how did you enjoy your program? -how was the coop(waterloo) and internship(mcgill) experience? -what do the opportunities look like after (did the program restrict you in any way)? -how are the success rates for grad school after your program (Canada and US)? Could anybody currently in these programs/universities or finished them(they only have one graduating class each i think) help me? If you are in engineering at Waterloo or McGill, it will also help. Any thoughts you think might be useful at all about the program or university definitely will be!

4 Answers

  1. I mean, you can’t go wrong with either one, but for engineering, it’s hard to turn down UW, especially when you have co-op for your program.

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  2. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Richmond VA Im a Grade 12 Ontario student who got into Waterloos BME program and life sci at McGill, along with a few other program.

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