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mark cutoff and low-ish advanced functions mark?!

hi everyone, this is my first question that I am posting here as I normally read through others but I need some help. I am a gr 11 student and normally a 90s student. I’d say I that I am pretty good at math and science but I don’t know what I want to study yet. I took advanced functions 2nd semester in gr 11 and started off with a relatively low mark as I normally do and I hoped to bring it up by the end of the year. Then covid-19 happened and we transferred to learning online. I got near perfects on most assignments but because of the low weightings, I was only able to bring my mark up to an 89. My chem mark for this semester was also only an 88. For gr 11 functions I got 95 and physics a 90 for some reference. I know that it doesn’t do much to just post my marks here but I am actually really nervous as I was hoping to apply to some sort of engineering program or physics/astrophysics. I know the cutoff for engineering sci is high 90s and now I am worried that I can not apply to some programs. I am taking english and french this summer and hoping to take international business as a mark booster next year. Does it affect your chances of getting in if you include courses like int business in your top 6 rather than adv functions persay? Also if I were to include my adv functions mark, will it be hard to get into engineering programs? I am hoping to get into UofT and I am thinking that I will not make it now…lol. I’m losing motivation as I am still unsure of what to do. Any advice for me or reassurance? It would be much appreciated, thank you.    

6 Answers

  1. You don’t get to pick what courses get included in your top 6, so your admission average for each school/program may differ if they have different requirements. It consists of whatever prerequisites you need for the program, and then your next highest marks until you have 6 marks. (This means your “top 6” may not be your highest 6 marks) Advanced functions is a prereq for a lot of engineering programs, so it’s going to get automatically included in your top 6. You can’t substitute a business course into its place. But once you get past the prerequisites, the schools don’t really care what courses you use in your top 6, as long as they’re U/M. 89 isn’t a “bad” mark, (especially if it’s just 1 mark). If you do really well in all your other classes, and you have a high grade 12 average, you still definitely have a chance. UofT also has a supplemental application, so they don’t just base decisions off of marks. For your chem mark, I’m assuming it’s a grade 11 course, in which case it doesn’t really matter. Focus more on your grade 12 classes and having a strong supp app.

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  2. Dude, there are other schools that you can apply to in engineering that don’t require “high 90s.” It’s not a requirement that you attend a top of the food chain school to pursue a career in this field. All engineering programs require adv. func. so you don’t get a choice, it’s a prerequisite. International business is merely an elective, and with most engineering programs, you will only be permitted one elective as the other courses are math/sciences. Gr. 12 math is required for all engineering programs at all school, there is no way of omitting it unless you go into a liberal arts program that doesn’t require it.

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  3. No offence kid, but are you that serious about your education if you can’t even be bothered to google the admissions requirements for the university programs you are interested in attending? Did you just pull high 90s out of your ass? Most high schoolers do not have mid-high 90s. Most university programs only require 70s and 80s. The highly competitive ones require low-mid 90s. But there are no programs in Canada that require high 90s, and if they did, they would have a really hard time filling up their class. Simple supply and demand. How many students with high 90s want to attend just that one program. University is a business and they need to make sure that they fill their class sizes and have that tuition money coming in. Also, last time I checked an 88-90 was a high A average. I’m really not sure what you’re smoking here to call these bad marks. High school grade inflation has gotten to a point now where every kid without perfect 100% marks whines about how they don’t have 100 marks. Be prepared to get B’s and C’s in university like most students. In uni, you will be lucky to get an A- grade as this puts you in the top 10% of your class. For U of T, you just need low-mid 90s. They have a supplementary application that they carefully assess too. Look, once again, if you are actually serious about this, you need to take the time to do some basic google research. All this information is directly posted on the university websites. You can get into U of T physics with mid 80s.

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