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March Break for the Non-Traveler

March break is known for people flying off to exotic destinations in hope of escaping the cold and/or stresses of life back home. However, travel is not for everyone. If you are a non-traveler here are some tips on what to do this March break:

1. Catch up on school work: If you are behind on your school work or would like to boost your average in hopes of getting into post-secondary school, dedicate some time this break towards bettering your study habits! Reviewing, organizing and making study notes will better prepare you for the last few months of school and towards acing those final exams.

2. Job shadowing: If you have connections in the area you are interested in studying, I would suggest spending a few days in the life of a professional. Real-life experience is the best way to find out if you will enjoy a particular career. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your practicum at the end of your degree to find out your dream job isn’t what you expected. 

3. Be Active: There are a whole bunch of ways to have fun while staying active instead of counting down the minutes you spend on a treadmill. I recommend trying something new to keep a variety in your workout routine to prevent boredom. If weather permits try skating, skiing/ snowboarding, horseshoeing, rock climbing, or go dancing. There are tons of ways to stay active if you don’t like the traditional gym setting.

4. Explore your own city: You don’t have to travel somewhere new to sightsee and have fun exploring. Chances are there are a bunch of fun things to do in your hometown or city. I would recommend visiting a new museum (or one you haven’t visited since childhood), trying a new restaurant, or hitting up some live entertainment. The possibilities are endless!

5. Catch up with friends and family: Sometimes when you get caught up with your school work and extracurricular activities/ jobs you don’t have the time to spend quality time with your loved ones. March break is an excellent time to do something fun or catch up with someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while.

How do you plan on spending your March break?

 -Michelle Young, yconic student ambassador

4 Answers

  1. I plan on proposing to my college sweetheart using a box of day-old Valentine's Day chocolates.

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  2. Great tips, Michelle!
    One thing that I just found out is that if you're a Toronto Public Library cardholder, you can get into a bunch of Toronto museums/attractions for free (the ROM, the Ontario Science Centre, the Zoo, the Art Gallery of Ontario, etc.) using the MAP pass! Check out:

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  3. I can’t imagine how you can not like to travel. After all, there are so many cool places in the world and you can’t limit yourself to one district or city. I love small trips, and every time the holidays come, I’m ready to get on a plane and fly to a new city. Usually I have everything captured, ordered a transfer to from the airport to the apartments that I booked on Airbnb and marked the nearest attractions in the city. After I get home, I start planning a new trip

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