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Management/ Industrial Engineering vs Finance degree?

Im currently debating whether i should consider management/ industrial engineering which I’ve been told are a mixture of business and engineering. I get bored quite easily so the mix really intrigues me. However, i really don’t know my chances of getting in to the program at waterloo and uft as my average is around a 91

Im also obviously considering  finance major because i do see myself working in that field eventually however I’m afraid it might get too repetitive.

Is it worth getting an engineering degree if you know you’ll end up in finance eventually? 

4 Answers

  1. Lol, why would you get an engineering degree unless you wanted to become an engineer? It's pointless to learn all that bullsh!t chem and physics just to end up in finance sitting behind a cubicle and looking at Excel spreadsheets.

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  2. No, an engineering degree does not help you in finance. The best finance schools in Canada are Ivey School of Business, Queen's Smith School of Business, McGill Desautels, Rotman School of Management, and UBC Sauder School of Business. Employers in the industry go to recruit students from these schools. They do not go to U of T and Waterloo to recruit engineering students for finance positions.

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  3. It's not worth it if you know you'll end up in finance.  In fact, its likely you wouldn't end up in finance with an engineering degree.  Management engineering is good if you want to be a boss, supervising technical work and overseeing large projects.  The business aspects of this job will likely be in budgeting.  Industrial engineering is for manufacturing mostly.  You would likely design parts, industrial machinery, assembly processes and the like.  The business aspects would involve labour, material and equipment costs, design feasibility.  If industry interests you, mechanical engineering programs often offer manufacturing streams along the same lines. 
    If you don't have the marks for uot and uw, then mac also offers management engineering.  If you're set on finance, then best of luck.

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  4. If you want a mix of business and engineering and the ability to end up in Finance, your best bet is to go to Western for Engineering with AEO status (so applying for Eng on OUAC and applying for AEO on Ivey’s website) and doing a dual degree with Ivey and Eng.

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