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Making friends at McGill

Do students at mcgill usually tend to be friends/stick with other students in their faculty? Are students put in residence with other students of the same faculty? I’m also wondering if students are paired up only with students in their faculty for frosh.

3 Answers

  1. There are 40,000+ students at McGill. You tell me if this is even possible to do.

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  2. You can easily find the answers to two of your questions online: residence is not in any way segregated by faculty (except for the fact that a lot of people in music put RVC as their first choice because it's connected to the music buildings). There are faculty froshes (the "normal" froshes you've probably heard about), which are sorted by faculty, and non-faculty froshes such as outdoor frosh, rad frosh, fish frosh, etc. (look these up, they're a great option especially if you're not super into heavy drinking) which students from all faculties can participate in.
    As for friends, people often tend to hang out with people in their faculty as lots of friends are made at frosh or in class (which would most likely be with people in your faculty). However, people don't exclusively hang out with people in the same faculty as residence and clubs are other common ways of making friends.
    I'm not sure why the other commenters are being so dismissive of your question, making friends at uni is a valid concern.

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  3. I use dating apps and this site because there are a lot of people who are in the same situation as you. It seems to me that now the best way of dating and making friends is through the Internet, you can quickly find people who share your interests and are interested in communication.

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