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Low English Mark

So I have a 73 in ENG3U as of now. I just moved here from Saskatchewan a couple of months ago and the way they teach English here is very different. I have gotten off to a slow start but I expect my mark may rise up to an 85ish by the end of the year.   I was wondering how hard it would be to get into a good program with a low mark in ENG4U (like an 80-85).   The program I am aiming for is Mac Health Sci or Western Med Sci.   Here are my marks so far:   MCR3U – 99%   ICS2O – 100% (it was either this or law and I moved midway through the semester)   SBI3U – 97%   PPL3O – 89%   (rest are my current marks)   SPH3U – 100%   SCH3U – 97%   HSP3U – 97%   ENG3U – 75%   Thanks for your time

1 Answer

  1. 1. You can still get into programs with a lower English mark so long as your top 6 courses (including all prerequisites) is a 93 for Western, probably 90+ for Mac Health Sci. Since Mac is based on both grades and the supplemental application, it’s more flexible and there’s not as much of a specific cutoff. Given your current grades you can get around an 80 in English and still meet the 93% cutoff.

    2. Be aware that admissions will be pretty much solely based on Grade 12 grades (4U classes), since these are two highly competitive programs they rarely give early admissions based on Grade 11 marks. If you can maintain similar marks next year (and somewhat improve English) you should be fine.

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