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Looking for relationship advice

The girl that I have liked for all of high school is going to the US for University and I am going to the University of Waterloo. We were pretty good friends for all of high school. Any advice on how I should forget about her or at least to ease the pain before starting University in September.

12 Answers

  1. Lmao, oh my f*cking gawd. You have to be sh!tting me. It's only one piece of meat, bruv. F*cking step outside and start cold approaching hot girls and you'll quickly forget about one stale, slab of meat. You're going to be stepping foot into university where you'll be surrounded by a sea of punani on the daily, and you're still preoccupied with eating from the same dish over and over?

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  2. You'll forget about her rather quickly once university starts. Trust me, a lot of people are in your boat. The truth is that there is no "relationship" here if you're just friends with this person and didn't even have the balls to initiate a romantic relationship – or if you did and were rejected. Whatever the case, all I read in your post is a one-sided crush. That's it. This is no relationship. You're good friends with a girl who is seeking to better her life and moving to the States for university, where she will party, hang out with other boys, and grow as a person. 
    Look, when I was your age, and I really liked a girl that I knew was moving away from me, I always asked her out right away – even if it meant trying to make a long distance relationship work. It doesn't really sound like you care enough to do that here, which is why I am telling you that you will forget about this person. You'll be in a new environment away from home, surrounded by tens of thousands of other people, hundreds of other girls, and going out to social events and mingling with different people (hopefully you're not one of those that stay indoors and play video games only types). 
    Essentially, you had 4 years to actually initiative something with this "good friend" of yours. Doesn't sound like you did. Not sure what else you're hoping to hear. A lot of people gather the courage to ask out a girl that they hardly know (as I have done on many occasions). You can't whine and cry about missing out on a girl that you had 4 years to get into a relationship with and did not do so. Sounds harsh, but this is all about growing up and dealing with the real world and not make-believe fantasies. 

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    • I did ask her out about a year ago and again Yesterday. First time because I wanted to get a rejection because I knew she was out of my league so I texted her and she did not respond. The second time she deflected the question and changed the topic. I think it may be because of how long we have known each other she doesn't want to reject me even though i asked to be rejected just to give up and have short term pain. Now I still feel like I have hope which is horrible. As for socializing I am one of those who stay indoors I think. Even though I did a lot of extracurricular and stuff to help me to apply for  university. Luckly i was able to get into some top programs like Ivey but one of the reasons i didn't chose it is because i do not feel like i am social enough.

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    • I think I had the same thoughts as you. I have co-op at waterloo and would try to make long distance work or at least being able to meet every few month no matter where she is at the time. I would try to find a position in the location that she is located

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    • Ok, then, I empathize with you. Do you want to know why you were rejected? Confidence. Girls love confidence and men who exude them. You don't need to be a "bad boy" to have confidence and get women. You can be a perfectly decent, nice, smart gentleman who gets women. I can tell right off the bat that you lack confidence because you said "she is out of my league," you've asked out this girl more than once (should have taken the hint, dropped it, and found another girl who actually wants to be with you), and rejected a program like Ivey because you are not "social enough." There are tons of introverts and quiet people in Ivey. Not everyone needs to be a cocktail wine and dine schmoozer in business. 
      In any event, work on your confidence in university. Make lots of friends, stop caring about what others think about you, and do and say what you feel like with confidence. I've had women that rejected me come and ask me out. The game changes if you better yourself and become more attractive to the opposite gender. Forget about this girl because she'll probably have fun or find a man in university. Go to Loo and have fun, or if you meet a girl that you like, ask her out early on before someone else has the chance and see if you can make it work. Go with the flow. None of this chasing or pining after a single human being. This is where a lot of guys, myself included, have failed. When you show girls that you have your own life, your own goals, and aspirations, and are a social person who likes hanging out with people and doing fun things, then it automatically makes you look attractive to them. 
      This girl rejected you because she doesn't see a romantic interest in you. That's really what it is. Girls are not about physical attraction as guys tend to be. They look for specific traits – confidence and charisma being the dominant traits. They want men who are protectors. This is all it takes for me to get girls. Improve your confidence. 
      Look, some girl who is in medical school may be out of your league right now, not some girl who is graduating from high school and hasn't accomplished anything in her life yet. 
      You want real life examples? Take a look at all those hot ass models and celebrities who married physically less attractive men. I see it in real life all the time, and some of the ugliest guys I know are with bomb ass chicks. What do they have that you perhaps don't right now? Confidence.

      Christina Hendricks said that she fell in love the first time she met her husband because he just exuded confidence. She is a dime and he has your average bookstore nerdy look.

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  3. you can still be friends and talk occassionally. 
    ok, this is all i can say:                 career > relationship

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  4. It'll obviously take a bit to get over, but you'll get over her. From the response you gave to the first thread, It sounds like this girl is not interested no matter how much you texted her. It may be the way you interact with her that puts her off from you but at the end of the day, no matter how much confidence you exude, she has the decision not to like you and she doesn't. I'd say stop sulking, enjoy the time you have together now. Plan things together and don't waste your time imagining what could have been. You said your'e not very social, but,  maybe you should take the risk and really use this time to make some memories. 
    My advice for getting over her, don't use other people to. Don't go sleeping around with other people because that's not you genuinely getting over your feelings for her. It'll pass, I'm not sure how you deal with this kind of stuff, but yeah just know it'll get better and you can't force anything onto her. You seem to be focused on the past, try and focus on your future and waterloo and her future in the US and the new experiences you'll gain 

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