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Life Science or Food Science

I am thinking whether Life Sci or Food Sci is better. I mean I am interested in Biochemistry. People normally go to Post-Grad after getting their Bachelor of Science, but for now, I do not want to study for that long. Do you think there are many job options for just Bachelor of Science. I am not sure about Food Science, because I have never tried it before. It sounds interesting though. I think it focuses on something specific, unlike general science. Thus, it might be easier to find a job. Transferring from Life Sci to Food Sci seems to be easier than the other way around. It is just chaotic if I keep changing, so I want to get it right from the beginning. 
Plz help me w this! Thanks 🙂 

6 Answers

  1. It seems to me that Food Sci is better. This is a large area to apply. Several of my friends entered the restaurant business after that. If you look at the site of commercial real estate, then you yourself can notice the increased popularity of this type of business – [url][/url] Get used to evaluating your prospects not only in terms of the complexity of training but also as the future development in the profession.

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  2. I agree with Madison, Food Science is better if you are unsure of pursuing post-graduate studies since the field is more concentrated than lifesci and can definitely get you some niche jobs. Otherwise if you want to go with lifesci you should go with a co-op program atleast to get you an idea of what you can do afterwards. Though if your heart is set on biochem, lifesci is more catered to that. There are biochem aspects of foodsci too, just would be a bit more challenging I think to go that way.

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