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Life/Health Science Admission

I want to apply to science programs and I will have all of the required courses for science programs done by the end of semester 1 of grade 12 this year, except for one. I’ll have bio, english, calculus, and two other 4u/m courses completed. My question is since I won’t have chemistry completed will they look at my grade 11 chem mark? I know typically they would look at semester 2 midterms for a course not completed during 1st sem, but this year since schools are quadmestered, would they still do that? Basically I had grade 11 chem last year during covid, and we only had one test before schools closed, which I had to be away for, but I let my teacher know and everything, and arranged to write it after the break, but of course we never came back from the break. So my teacher ended up just giving me an 80 based on a couple evals we had during the closure, all of which I got either 100 or high 90s on. So not only is it a really bad mark, but its really not an accurate representation of my learning and it wasn’t really in my control. So if they do end up looking at the grade 11 mark for chem, does that count as an extenuating circumstance or no? Thanks:)

4 Answers

  1. No, gr. 11 marks are only used for early acceptance offers. In your case, they would wait until you have an interim grade in gr. 12 chem before making an admission decision. This means that you would not be granted any potential offers until you get your report card with a gr. 12 chem mark on it.

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  2. I had the same issue, and over the summer I just took a Coursera Course on Chemistry! It was super fun, totally recommend, and if you show them (the university) your certificate of completion they’ll accept it.

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