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Laurier Health Sci

Hey I was thinking about applying to Laurier Health Sci. I am just worried because Laurier is known as a business school… will that effect my education at all? (ex. no funding for Health Sci department, postgrad programs won’t except me because of business reputation). Also if anyone has taken Health Sci at Laurier can you share your experience????!!!!!!!!

3 Answers

  1. Lol, it's only undergrad, dude. You're acting as if you'll be conducting scientific research and finding the cure for cancer. All you need is a few test tubes and a periodic table poster pinned up on the wall. Calm your tits, junior.

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  2. It's a publicly funded and standardized university governed by the provincial government, so the standard of education is roughly the same across universities. Many professors in these programs teach the same curriculum and use the same textbooks. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is Everest College. It's still university and people from Laurier still get into medical school and law school. 
    You need to be more specific on your career goals. If you're looking for research opportunities, you can get them at Laurier, but there are more options at schools like U of T and McMaster. All that really matters are your grades. If you don't pull above average/excellent marks, you're done and you'll have graduated with a useless degree and no real prospects for grad/professional school. You need to know what you're going to do with a health science degree.
    Business at Laurier isn't even that great. There are a ton of better business schools in Canada. It's just a university that really isn't known for anything, with business being the only program that has some recognition. That doesn't mean you can't go there for a BA/BSc degree, get high grades, and get into top grad programs. Nobody cares where you did a useless health science degree. Literally no one. All that matters is your grades.

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